About the Magic Mirror

Our Brand new ultimate technology Magic Mirrors are the must have accessory for any special events: Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Prom, Ball, etc. Taking a selfie has never been so much fun!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Looks like a normal mirror but it will amaze your guests as they step up and the mirror comes to life.

How it works:

• Guests can see themselves in the mirror

• Animations play to guide them to touch the screen

• The Magic happens behind the mirror and guests receive an instant branded print

Why Magic Mirror?

• It’s a totally NEW concept that your guests will not have seen before

• Mirrored Screen shows guests in realtime interacting with the booth

• Touch screen interface is used to start the Magic and begins Printing your photos

• Your guests receive their Instant Prints from the Magic Mirror Booth

• A Priceless momento from your event that all your guests can treasure and enjoy

• Hidden Technology (it looks just like a mirror!)

The Magic Mirror is a unique and stylish photo booth that fits in well with any event and is fully customisable. Using a two way mirror, the guests can see their reflection like in a normal mirror. Once your guests activate the mirror, customised messages will be displayed and a count down begins before taking their selfie photos. Guests then have the option to sign their name using the interactive touch screen. Photos can then be printed and shared straight to social media